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UPDATE: We are on course for decks with upgraded card stock and an upgraded box design one piece with magnetic lid closure.

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The way this kick-starter campaign works is that if we don't achieve our end goal within the 60 days of the campaign, none of the pledges ever fund. Support our project by placing a pledge in any of the categories shown in the sidebar at the right of our campaign page or if you are on a smartphone, click on "Rewards" in the menu. NOTE: If you do not see your country in the shipping selection, please contact us and we will add it,. This would be the pledge category for you. We are grateful for every show of support! Shipping is free!

Two Decks! Get one, Give one! Buy one to keep, and one to gift! The decks will ship in time for the holidays September so this might be a great way to start early on your gift shopping. These are vibrant high-quality prints on Somerset Velvet acid free cotton rag paper. This hardcover 5" x 7" journal is durable and lightweight. The cover is structured and bend-resistant and contains blank pages of quality, 90gsm paper stock ready for your journaling and art. All are watercolor on lb Arches Cold Press paper and will be provided custom framed in a white matte and white frame with outside dimensions measuring 16" x 20".

Please note: - All original art will ship after the artist's solo exhibit in October. Expected ship date: November 8, At the end of this kickstarter campaign June 23, you will be contacted so you can specify your choice from the art shown below. Available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a risk that we will not meet our final goal in which case the initial outlay of funding will not be available to place the initial order for the decks.

Never fear, if we do not meet our goal, kickstarter does not collect your money. In addition, fulfilling the orders while still meeting our financial goals is a challenge in terms of shipping costs, so in some of the pledge levels we regretfully must charge for shipping. This holds true particularly for shipping outside of the US and Canada. However, we believe we have formulated a fair financial pledge structure to be able to ship to the EU, Australia and Africa as well.

Be one of the first to own the vibrant Shakti Wisdom Oracle Deck. The deck is made up of 44 cards featuring the artwork of Lee Libro on topics to help empower you. Cards are printed on gsm stock with a smooth semigloss finish and packaged in a sturdy box with a guidebook. Each luminously illustrated card depicts a topic curated by Ashley Shakti, the artist's daughter, a midwife in training. Pull one a day as an affirmation or to set a course for introspection.

Or combine them with tarot cards for a full reading by a tarot card reader. Refer to the story section of this kickstarter campaign to view these prints.

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You will be able to specify your choice of Limited Edition art. Once the campaign is completed June 23 we will be in touch with you for this info.

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You will be able to specify your choice of Limited Edition art and the Journal. You will be able to specify your choice of Journal. You will be able to specify your choice of journal. Retailers take note! This wholesale rate is only available here during the remainder of the Kickstarter campaign. Receive: 1 Shakti Wisdom Oracle Deck Your Choice of any of the following originals: Please note: - Originals will arrive in a custom white matte and white wooden frame with exterior dimensions measuring 16" x 20" - All original art will ship after the artist's solo exhibit in October.

Backers will be able to specify their choice of art. Once the kickstarter campaign is completed, June 23 the artist will contact each backer to choose their art. This will be done in the order in which the backer made their pledge with art being available on a first-come first serve basis.

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Be the first to receive a Shakti Wisdom Oracle Deck! This offer ends May 1, after which the deck will be offered at full retail pledge and require a shipping charge for all destinations. This vibrant Shakti Wisdom Oracle Deck is made up of 44 cards featuring the artwork of Lee Libro on topics to uplift and empower.

The Deck arrives packaged in a sturdy box with a guidebook enclosed. Each card is based on an archetypal theme for women chosen and written by Ashley Shakti, her daughter, a midwife in training.

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The accompanying 24 page booklet serves as a guide to each card's topic. Pull one a day to set a course for introspection or combine them with tarot cards for a full reading from a tarot card reader. Apr 23, - Jun 22, 60 days. Share this project Done.

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Your intuition is urging you to look beyond the standard today. Spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination are the gifts this moon will bring to you.

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There is a possibility that a secret is about to be revealed, so be ready, or if you are keeping one, prepare for it to come to light. The High Priestess represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. The High Priestess has a deep, intuitive understanding of the Universe and uses this knowledge to teach rather than to try to control others. The moon is her friend, and she is urging you to gratefully takes the energy it offers.

We are currently experiencing a fabulous wolf moon, and its energy is immense.

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She is feminine, mysterious and in-tune to all around her. Look for the signs you are getting, feel the hunches you are feeling as the answers you are seeking are already in you; you just need to quieten your mind so you can hear your soul speak and allow the moon to illuminate your way through the dark. Things that once seemed inevitable can no longer be taken for granted. Some puzzling mysteries may become clearer, but all is not yet revealed at this point.

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Trust your instincts today, take note of your dreams, even have a reading as when this card turns up it is begging you to take notice of something more than logic. The Full Moon is lighting the way for you to experience a very powerful transformation. A whole new cycle awaits you, and you are about to be showered with blessings for closing the door on the old chapter and letting go.

It is time to take control of your own destiny and live your life in a way you find meaningful. A deeply satisfying time is coming, try to accept this change rather than fight it as this will allow the transition to go more smoothly.

esportsify.net/the-travelers-touch-the-mystery.php The moon is urging you to take control of your life at this time. Use that fire in your belly and the spark of creativity in your soul to make a map of your dreams and desires and take that first step into making them a reality. Leave any underlying worries or insecurities at the roadside as your journey is about to start, and you reach the end of your comfort zone. There is so much fulfilment showing around this opportunity, almost as if the world is your oyster and travel could be important too, perhaps even a soul journey, this is a chance you must take.

Let go of any fear and confusion, you are done waiting for your ship to come in and are ready to swim out to meet it. Decisions, decisions, weighing up the pros and cons seem to be the effect the moon is having on you. Spirituality and materialism maybe causing inner turmoil and you may be trying desperately to find the middle ground.

Often when we chose a spiritual life, we can gain hang ups regarding wealth, but what you are being urged to look at is that The Universe wants you to have an abundant life. The Universe does not want you to struggle, having financial riches as well as inner ones makes our lives much easier, and we can help those less fortunate more, we can serve in a larger way. When we come from a place of lack, we tend to attract more of the same. When we open to a receiving abundance, as if by magic the universe provides us with more, so by gaining the balance and recognising that in giving we receive, the inner struggles we have are diminished, and we can lead much more fulfilling lives with less stress.

This card is urging you to look at your relationship with money, look at those who are technically wealthy and see the good this could have enabled them to do , and see how their abundance can allow people to help many.