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Steve Martin's new autobiography, Born Standing Up , has the following sighting on page "My dubious status as a headliner led me to a tiny pie slice of a folk club in Greenwich Village, the Metro. Now I had an opening act. Still no one showed up to see me and a new duo, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks.

Also there is a 9-page spread about Stevie from page to page with an interview and lots of pictures with her. In an article on AllHeadlineNews. Michael Johns said Stevie Nicks. This was also mentioned on People Magazine's website. My first and most frequently played songs are by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. It just doesn't get any better. The Sinner. On page 34 of the January 25 issue of Entertainment Weekly , there is a blurb on surviving the writer's strike by loading your iPod with every Album of the Year Grammy Winner.

Four albums are pictured, including Rumours. In an article on Vindy. On a recent airing of the TV game show Temptation , the following question was asked to a contestant: "Which music video had a cameo by Stevie Nicks? Bootylicious by Destiny's Child or Fergalicious by Fergie? She's looking out for me.

And I really needed that. I really, really needed a mentor. And I found one in her. I'm so lucky. In an interview on Live Daily with Vanessa Carlton, Stevie is mentioned a few times, including the following: What was it like to tour with Stevie Nicks? She must have given you some amazing advice. I actually just left her today. We were in Chicago rehearsing. She is an extraordinary woman. She's such a good person. I know she's Stevie Nicks and she's so magical on so many levels and larger than life.

But she's this earthy, amazing person at the end of the day. She's such a good woman. I look up to her. Touring with her was just the best. Being near Stevie is such a gift. She keeps giving to me. She was a big part of this record. She sequenced the album. She sang on the record.

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She was there right from the beginning, when I didn't have a new deal yet and I didn't have the record written. She helped me through every step. Every stage of this record, Stevie was involved and there by my side. Stevie was encouraging me to move forward and take the next step. As scary as it is, you have to take the next step.

The Showbuzz website had an article about Vanessa Carlton with the following: While her heart was breaking and her career was in tatters, Carlton relied on someone she'd toured with and befriended: Stevie Nicks, who appears on a song on the new CD. She put her chiffon wing around me. She told me, 'You are up for this fight. You have no choice. You have to continue. She said, 'You're one of those artists that need to get to their best-of record. Anything involving Stevie should be pushed to radio and this is just such a treat to hear.

Stevie is mentioned in the October 12th Denver Post in an article comparing the two cities, Denver and Phoenix for the Rockies and Diamondback baseball series. She is listed amoung the celebrities from Phoenix. The September 22nd West Australian Newspaper has a 5 page spread on Stevie including an interview and photos from her Feb 28th Concert in Perth in It contained a brief overview of the album, the songs and the other artists that appeared on it. There are photos of Stevie and a mention of her fashion influence in "Fashion Rocks", a supplement to the September "Details" magazine.

The Silver Bee website has a note about the possible origin of the song Silver Springs. Vanessa Carlton mentions Stevie in a recent interview with Nadine Cheung posted on AOL Music when asked " What happened in the last two years that gave you this clarity? Carlton: Touring with Stevie Nicks, buying my own house, getting my puppy and staying in one spot for more than a couple weeks. Making a life for myself in Nolita gave me peace and clarity.

I lead a pretty enchanted life. Brett mentions to his friend that he shouldn't date each others band mates, cause it could turn into a "Fleetwood Mac's love triangle.. Stevie Nicks would surely approve of zucchini-stuffed peppers with queso monterrey or shrimp and mushroom enchiladas in white wine sauce. Stevie was singing and the birthday carrot cake was sent over from Gibsons. The Chattanooga. Something I will never forget Stevie is mentioned as an attendee and that she got emotional while talking about him. In a May 18th article on CNN. The news special featured 40 years of Rolling Stone magazine.

In the May 7th issue of Us Weekly page 29 , there is a photograph of Mischa Barton wearing a vintage-looking Fleetwood Mac t-shirt which has a picture of the band and "Tour '78" on it. In an April 29th article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the influences of Jamie Moyer, pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, the following was found: "Recording artist I play when my soul needs a lift: Stevie Nicks. Baltimore Sun, April 23 Stevie gets great comments in Ahmet Ertegun tribute story on FoxNews, read it here.

Stevie ranked 2 front person, read it here. Six degrees of Stephen Colbert, read it here. To their left you can see a female mannequin wearing one of Stevie's dresses and a picture behind it showing Stevie wearing the dress. In the February 15th episode of "Ugly Betty", Betty imagines she hears Amanda telling her to "throw Stevie Nicks in front of the train" in reference to Charlie, Henry's hippie girlfriend from Arizona.

We will always hold dear our old digs. Loogie man, tattoo guy in the words of Stevie Nicks, "When you were good, baby, you were very good. In the Feb. He says: "It's my favorite Fleetwood Mac album- you get a great feel for different sides of the band. It's sprawling, like the White Album, but somehow it all hangs together. The second track, 'The Ledge' is perfect.

He says her song, "With Love" is likely to be a big hit. Though it lacks the excitement of the first two tracks, it will fill that certain desired emotional void of realistic romanticism that the other two tracks leave open. The song also sports a cleverly executed vocal resemblance that resembles Stevie Nicks, just enough to hold a grin. For example, the name of the Welsh goddess Rhiannon is familiar to many because it's also the title of a Fleetwood Mac song. Whatever Bill Clinton's real musical taste may be, his advisers certainly knew their music testing when they chose that tune as his campaign anthem.

One of the pictures was a 's Tusk era photo of Stevie and Lindsey onstage with the caption: "December 31, Fleetwood Mac invites Lindsey Buckingham to join the band. Buckingham accepts under the condition that his girlfriend, Stevie Nicks, can join too" The December issue of Austin Magazine has a column called "Things I've Learned Living in Austin" which has the following in an interview with Charlie Jones, Prinicipal of Capital Sports and Entertainment: "I have one girl; she's 23 months.

Her name is Stevie and she's named after Stevie Nicks. Her first song on the way home from the hospital was "Landslide. Various tabloids have mentioned that Lindsay Lohan wants the role as Stevie in a movie about the singer. Their manager lists "Stevie Nicks" as one of the examples of famous clients. During the ending of the November 12th episode of "Cold Case" entitled "Fireflies", which regarded a case from , the original Fleetwood Mac white album version of "Landslide" was played.

So if you're reading this, Stevie, give us a call. She has that gravelly voice - not pretty, but powerful. Her lyrics are intriguing and beautiful, like poetry. And they're cryptic. You can't always tell what they're talking about. Opening the show was contestant Bobby Flynn,who performed an acoustic version of Rhiannon. He accompanied himself on guitar and was backed by a full band , strings and 3 backing vocalists.

He gave a blistering performance and was highly prised by the judges. Hosts James Mathieson and Andrew G commented that if you were a girl born in the mid's you were probably named after this Fleetwood Mac classic. In amazon. On the iTunes celebrity playlist for Jon Heder, one of the songs he selected is Sara!

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In an article in the Goldstream Gazette about Bill Zaalberg, a Neil Diamond Tribute singer, the following Stevie mention was found: "This fervour towards perfection has made Zaalberg and his piece band and opening act Tusk, in which his daughter plays Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac one of the hottest tickets on Vancouver Island.

One of the great tambourine virtuosos of our time. He studied for years with Stevie Nicks. There is a mention of Fleetwood Mac in an about the Hollywood sign on hollywoodsign. Concerning Jessica Simpson's album "A Public Affair, it says, "[her] narcissim might have been leavened by good songs, but most are content to rip off tunes from older, better hits. In the current issue of " Paste Magazine " there is a mini review of the Bonnaroo Festival and they sort of rave about Stevie. In the new movie "Accepted", Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop is playing at a graduation party in one of the early scenes.

The Hulaween on Oct. Bette has nabbed Stevie Nicks to perform, and one of her honorees is none other than the great Willie Nelson, with whom Her Divineness has already agreed to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings. Bette and the outspoken Joy Behar will auction off fabulous things having to do with revitalizing the city's parks. You can call for tix. Over at the Sirius Satellite radio website, they have an interview with each of the original MTV VJ's all of whom have their own shows on Sirius on the 80's channel. Nina Blackwood was asked the following: Who were your favorite '80s artists?

In issue of Rolling Stone Christina Aguilera on the cover , there is a review of the new Outkast album 'Idlewild' page 89 and the first paragraph of the review compares it to that of Fleetwood Mac's 'Tusk'. Issue of Rolling Stone , has an article about Tom Petty's July 29th performance which included the following: Petty took a moment to introduce the Heartbreakers-and, almost as an afterthought, "honorary member" Stevie Nicks.

Cue crowd going bananas. The show's most thrilling moment, "Dont' Come Around Here No More," with Nicks on backing vocals and tambourine, ended in a crashing, surreally strobelit jam with both Petty and Nicks thrashing like teenagers. In that moment, their silky blond hair flying, flash-frozen in the strobe's white light, they seemed both timeless and immediate, classic and forever young.

There are many mentions of FM and there is a picture of the band from the early 90's. Billy is embarking on a new studio rockabilly album and has invited Mick to help with and play on the album!! Kalli said the following about Rumours: "4.

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I saw some footage of Stevie going wild on stage, totally rockin' out, and she became a big inspiration to me. In the late summer edition of the mail-order catalog Soft Surroundings there is an item called the China Seas Robe. It is described as an "open-style silk robe with long fringe drips from the sleeves and hem". It is further described as "an exquisite find reminding us of Stevie Nicks and days gone by".

But my MTV was one with cool storyline videos.

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Oxygen Channel whiletalking about Ellen's 30 year high school reunion the cover of the Fleetwood Mac White Album was shown. Dilana, a contestant on the show "Rockstar: Supernova", lists the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac as one of her favorite songs in her audio player. They list two songs as "must get": Dreams and Beautiful Child. On QVC early morning on July 26th they were selling a long poncho and the model began twirling around and the host said, "We have Stevie Nicks right here" and "if you're planning on going on tour with Fleetwood Mac, buy this shawl" On one of the commentary tracks of the DVD of the Kevin Smith movie "Jersey Girl", Kevin mentioned that Stevie actually saw the movie and that it was really sweet of her to give them the song "Landslide" to use in the film.

Stevie appears in the collage of musicians on page 53 and Fleetwood Mac is mentioned as a "guilty pleasure" in the article. After returning from a commercial break they were showing the end of a Stevie Wonder song being performed by American Idol Taylor Hicks. No, not Stevie Nicks Stevie Wonder. It contained the following: If your kids like Kelly Clarkson, and you like Stevie Nicks, you'll both probably like the band Rilo Kiley There is a video of Stevie and others giving birthday wishes to the founder, Claude Nobs, on the Montreux Jazz festival site. An interview on Ilikemusic. Where did the idea for the track come from?

A: We heard the track in the film 'School Of Rock' and instantly thought that it was an idea that could work. We got hold of the soundtrack and listened to the song over and over again, it was such an uplifting song yet the subject matter of 'Edge Of Seventeen' was very personal to Stevie Nicks as it was about the death of her uncle and John Lennon. We tried to keep the emotion of the original version, yet add elements that would work on a dancefloor today. We were pleased that clubbers and djs alike felt the version we did.

See the track on Amazon. An article on Elites TV about a Mocumentary of Dave Stewart and Erin Grace's band Platinum Weird contained the following: "Erin's behavior during the making of the album was unpredictable and eccentric. Prone to mood swings and emotional insecurity, she would often disappear for days, and then reappear as if nothing was unusual with a smile and couple of new songs.

Perhaps because of her unconventional persona, men desired her and women emulated her. She says "When an artist as distinctive as Stevie puts her mark on a song, it lasts forever. With the same initial emotion from the first time you hear it and then 20 years later. She was very excited because she is a huge Stevie fan. The book titled Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner has the following on page 6: "Carol and Rob and their two sons lived in a Bettencourt and had a summer house in Nantucket, which I guess gave her the right to dress like she was going to a Stevie Nicks concert if she wanted to.

I certainly don't give up a Tracey Emin-style 'sex list', 'cos if I did, as Stevie Nicks once told me, empires would crumble. Stevie is in the video clip on platinumweird. One of the soldiers who escorted Stevie around Walter Reed Army Hospital stated how warmed hearted Stevie is, and determined to visit every soldier. She was there from pm to am, way past the two hours allowed. He also said it was one if the most memorable moments of his life. She filled the gap of a missing loved one, showed how much she cared. They said she was there for love and not publicity.

He announced that they would be "doing my favorite song, that Stevie Nicks song Landslide". After singing the song, Howard asked if they talked to Stevie about the song and Natalie said she had worked with her and what a great person she is. Howard said that he's sure Stevie has some stories to tell!!! Which led one of the Chicks to say that if she doesn't have a book out, she should! On the season ending American Idol show, the male contestants performed Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop", and it was also played in a Ford commercial with the contestants. The Living section of the May 18th Citizen Times citizen-times.

I keep my visions to myself," said Gemini songstress Stevie Nicks. You, too, will be flooded with moments of sparkling intuition and almost psychic flashes of clarity in the coming weeks. You will also do well to follow Nicks' lead and keep your hunches under wraps for the time being, until you've had proper time to reflect and process. In a May 18th article in the Fredrick News Post about a daughter's graduation, the following sighting was found: "I wasn't out of the parking lot before I howled like a mad dog, and I cried all the way home, clutching the steering wheel, playing a tape of Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" over and over.

Good thing it wasn't a long drive from Towson back to Frederick, or I might have run out of Kleenex. Her date on the show asked if her mom was a Stevie Wonder fan. She was quick to inform him she was a Stevie Nicks fan, for whom she was named after. In the May issue of Runner's World , on page 72 in an article about what music runners listen to when they're running, Vanessa Carlton who runs marathons puts "Edge of Seventeen" at the top of her list.

In a new article from the May 3rd issue of NME magazine about Courtney Love, while playing the interviewer one of her new demo's she says "You gotta think Fleetwood Mac! In the latest issue of Country Weekly May 8, there is a big article on Tim McGraw it lists a bunch of trivial facts about him. There is a picture of Stevie as well. Stevie Nicks. Blige is a fan of the Fleetwood Mac singer.

In the article they mention one of their songs "Not Even Stevie Nicks". What character name do you like? She's 30, single, lives in Montana and obcessed with fishing. Deena: I think you should name her Rhiannon, because her mother really liked that Fleetwood Mac album and she listened to it the whole time she was pregnant. The Lifestyles secton of the April 21st Chicago-Sun Times had an article titled "Out of your closet" with the following Stevie mention: Bohemian dressers always look relaxed and a bit funky, adding offbeat accessories and plenty of denim and suede.

The PerezHilton. In the April 14th issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is the ultimate trivia test. Stevie is a proposed answer for The answer: Streisand. Blige, in a sketch with Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler at a karaoke bar, there is a Rumours record on the wall behind them. The April 20 issue of Rolling Stone , has an article about Tom Petty, in which it says that director Peter Bogdanovich will be shooting a documentary on the Heartbreakers and that he hopes to interview Stevie Nicks for it. Stevie talks about Tom Petty in the March 25th issue of Billboard magazine page The March 24, issue of Entertainment Weekly issue has a section in the music pages called "Wedding Bands" about groups who were inter-married.

There is nice black and white 77' photo of John and Christine, and Lindsey and Stevie with an exerpt from "Go Your Own Way" and a therapist advising to "call a lawyer". But I think its heartfelt now. The TV advertisement for Cosmeo. Com shows children singing Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop. The February issue of Allure magazine with Sheryl Crow on cover has a picture of Sheryl wearing a leather fringed coat. It appears to be the same one Stevie wore for a photo shoot with either People or US Weekly don't remember which a few years ago.

The caption says "The jacket is a jacket Stevie Nicks gave me, which she wore in the 70's. She's a dear friend. This thing weighs about pounds, but it's really cool. Teen People magazine online had a quizz posted that allows participants to find out which "American Idol" they are most like. The host asks the masseuse doing the puppy massage if he does any celebrities. The masseuse responds that he does Stevie Nicks' horses all the time! Stevie was standing next to him in the picture. Stevie was 1 on the survey and it included the following comment: 1 Stevie Nicks - This list was hard to compile, until now.

The top spot was never in doubt. I've been willingly haunted by this enchanting spirit since the first time I heard a Fleetwood Mac song a looooong time ago. And it'll be that way until "the landslide brings it down. She showed her Sulamith Wulfing book that Stevie gave her and mentioned a poem Stevie had written in for her, as well as mentioning her tour dress. Stevie was mentioned on a recent episode of "Project Runway". One of the contestants had designed and made a dress and when another of the contestants saw the dress she said, "That looks like Stevie Nicks!

See the clip in the Dec 2 Washington Post. Both artists have endearingly an eccentric public persona and a highly identifiable aesthetic that leans toward the Gothic and mythological. The combination of attributes has developed ardent admirers for them both. On the LAist. If not, a trip to Aaardvark's on Melrose will suffice. Customizing the costume: Ladies, find your inner welsh goddess and add a chiffon wrap and top hat to the mix. It hides a multitude of sins and everyone will get the Stevie Nicks reference. Towards the end of the show, a fan yelled out, " Play a Stevie Nicks song!

Question "What is Dreams? But his mother says nothing compares to meeting the person Wolfsteller calls his "overall boss" -- President Bush. In a review of the series Serenity inthe HeraldToday. The latest People magazine October 3rd, vol. People asks Sheryl Crow what she likes to listen to while she's on the road and one of the songs is "Landslide: I look at the world differently when I hear stevie nicks sing.

The colors change. She also sang the praises of fellow icon Bonnie Raitt before covering Raitt's "Circle Dance": "She's always been one of my heroes and inspirations. Our favorite crowd sign: "57 and Foxy. And not necessarily because she is their fave songbird. The Silbersteins' daughter, Steffani, is Nicks' massage therapist and follows the former Fleetwood Mac singer on tour. Bubba reports that toward the end of the show Nicks shared with the audience how special Steffani was to her and to her entire crew and that Steffani's parents were in the audience.

Nicks then dedicated the song Landslide to Maxine. The dedication was especially meaningful because Landslide was one of the first tunes that Maxine had danced to when she began her professional dance career several decades ago. And for more than 30 years she has been director of the Jewish Community Center's dance department. Bubba e-mailed, "After the show, we had a wonderful, long visit with Stevie, who was most warm and gracious.

Two of the musicians list Landslide as their list of songs they cant stop listening to. Stevie is on the front page of the July 28th San Francisco Examiner with a small photo, regarding bringing Vegas show to the Bay area. Inside there s a blurb about the concert at the Chronicle Pavilion, and her taking this tour to Australia and performing and recording with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The movie "Edge of Seventeen" has been in regular rotation on the Logo channel. A Washington DC radio station See the ad. It states " A newly recorded version of the Stevie Nicks classic "Dreams".

While discussing artists who sample other artists material, Destiny's Child' Bootylicious was mentioned and the members talked about how they met Stevie and invited her to be part of the video etc. On the VH1 Documentary "Teen Idols of the 80's", pop star Tiffany states that she had no idea how to prepare for stardom being that she "used to dance around in my room with the streamers in my hair pretending that I was Stevie Nicks.

In it, it says she loves hippie chic clothes and her fashion icon is Stevie Nicks. The May 26th Arizona Republic had a photo of Stevie and a mention of her birthday. In an article in the Arizona Republic website about a charity guitar auction, the following was found: "They had to get done because they have exams," school publicist Joan C.

Risley said. Technically, local rocker Stevie Nicks, one of 21 celebrities decorating guitars, finished her entry first, said Brian Hassett, president of Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

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The celebrity profiled in May is Stevie Nicks. Stevie can be seen making comments about rock music on the All We Are Saying website. It was for Fleetwood Mac. This is where I said to Stevie Nicks, 'You look so much more Was I being Jeff or Sean? It felt like there was no Sean. I was immersed. On Sunday March 20's episode of Cold Case , a flashback to a murder in showed a character who was sporting a very era Stevie Nicks wig. Right before she went psycho and shot her friend she asked, while fingering her hairpiece, "Like it?

It's my Stevie Nicks thing. In her fairy tale collection she features "Bella Donna" Earrings. Here's our formula for musical fashion that always pops. From Stevie Nicks' gauzy gypsy skirts to the Grateful Dead's tie-dyed T-shirts, music has always had a huge impact on fashion. But when MTV arrived, pop-influenced style exploded. On March 17th two radio stations in Vegas broadcast interviews with Stevie: She also said that a back-up singer who had not performed with her for a long time would likely sing with her at the Vegas shows.

Star She talked about seeing both Celine and Elton at the Colosseum and being amazed at the massive size of the stage. She also discussed how she will pick songs for the show lots of discussion with input from her associates and said that she will be bringing out a lot of her old costumes that she hasn't worn in years. She also promised lots of spinning the DJ wanted to make sure that would be part of the show. I thought it was so pretty. Martha Quinn would make fun of me and say, 'It's so airy fairy!

Gina, a pastors wife, gets a makeover from her Renaissance clothing. Several pictures of Stevie are shown as a comparison to Gina and her style. In an article on nbc4tv. The dog, whose name was inspired by the Fleetwood Mac song, escaped Feb. The lost dog was found Tuesday after she was struck by a car. She interviewed several guests, one being "Ant," a comedian, who were making comments as the stars walked by.

When Gwenyth Paltrow arrived, Ant made the comment that she must have borrowed her earrings from Stevie Nicks they were absolutely beautiful! The San Francisco Chronicle's website had a January 31st article about crucial albums that have not been released on CD. There was a guy with headphones on and his boss was trying to talk to him and the conversation was: The Boss; "Are you listening to me? The Beatles' "Get Back" without Mr. Preston's electric piano solo? Hopkins' gentle tunefulness? One time about visiting her house and finding scarves draped all over.

A: I have a medium relationship with Steve Nicks. I interviewed her for MTV. I love her and she knows I love her. I always throw something about Stevie in all my shows. I like every song Stevie has ever sang and even sing songs like, "Stand Back" while I make some breakfast in the famous nook in the morning.

It had several items and you had to guess what the items sold for. This week's People magazine Jan 29 has a Crest ad that shows events from the 's to the s It lists major events in movies, tv, fads, music etc. In the music section for the 70's it lists the Rumours album. In an article from the January 11, "Floridian" newspaper entitled, "Go Your Own Way" there is a small picture of Stevie and Lindsey along with the following paragraph: "On a recent visit with family in Nashville, we [author of the article, Gina Vivinetto] drove past gigantic homes owned by country music greats George Jones, Dolly Parton and honeybuns Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

We saw landmarks, such as the famed Bluebird Cafe where Vince Gill got his start. But the most stirring musical moment of the trip came via the television when my uncle slipped Fleetwood Mac's live concert disc "The Dance" into the DVD player. The song was "Silver Springs". Aunt Shirley leaned into the TV with a mischievous grin, "Watch this," she told us.

Then she lowers the boom with a musical curse: "I'll follow you down 'til the sound of my voice will haunt you - you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you. She turns to Buckingham, screaming: "You'll never get away, never get away! How long ago did those two break up? Can you imagine being in a band with someone who broke your heart? Going through that kind of emotion, singing songs about each other?

Reliving the agony? Stevie and Lindsey split in , and she still looked furious after 20 years. Why would anyone put themselves through that? Wouldn't you have to be crazy? In an article on eye. In the booklet of the cd Arival by Alannah Myles release date March 24, she states that Fleetwood Mac is one of her influences and inspiration for her album. In a year-end review of concerts in Green Bay, WI.

He later, toward the end of the game, added that he had tried all night to avoid calling him Stevie Nicks, but that it was terribly difficult not to do so. After the two accepted, Nicks was quoted as saying, "He called us up, sight unseen. We could have been the two biggest jerks he'd ever seen. The second to last song is a nice cover of "Rhiannon. I never do this, but she's such a great musician, a great singer, really, the voice of her generation.

Everybody, Stevie Nicks is in the audience. Can we get a spotlight on her? I don't know where she's sitting. No matter how softly she sings, you can still hear her voice. And while she was singing, she kept time by slapping her leg with her hand. She added her own percussion and we kept that on the record. The hit song was about a mythological goddess. The name of the crossword puzzle is "Wow". Edge of Seventeen was written from the perspective of a woman. So we decided to turn it around, make it from a man's point of view.

Plus I love Stevie and Fleetwood Mac. Doing Edge of Seventeen was a tribute to my old club life at [now-defunct legendary afterhours dance club] Sona after 6 a. It has a quality reminiscent of those earlier rock ladies like Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde. Magical, mystical and moody-everything I always liked about Stevie. I wish she'd try her hand at a couple of Gaelic songs seriously! The Look: Vintage! Obsessed with keeping her style unique, she scoured thrift shops and friends' closets, locating special pieces, customizing them with embroidery and beading and piling on the accessories she like the jangle of jewelry.

David Crosby and Neil Young courted the American cowboy variety: buckskins, sideburns and boots. It is in regular rotation, and shows on all the display TV's at the same time. An article about aging in the September 22nd Asbury Park Press the followiing sighting was found: To top it all off that same weekend I attended a Fleetwood Mac concert with about 5, other former hot-little numbers, many dressed to emulate the sultry Stevie Nicks.

I was fascinated by the timing of it all when Stevie, another middle-age plus of her former hot-little-number self, helped me put my quandary to rest when she sang: Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons of my life? I don't know Well, I've been afraid of changing but time makes you bolder even children get older and I'm getting older, too.

Ironically, Stevie was only 27 years old when she first recorded "Landslide" in The following sighting was found in a article about Sandra Bernhard in Redlands Daily Facts : "Bernhard became interested in music as a child through her older brothers and says her favorites range from Stevie Nicks to Joan Jett and moody music The clue for 52 across says "Nicks on Stage" and the answer is "Stevie. He also said how good the concert was and how Stevie and Lindsey after all of these years still had chemistry.

He talked how Stevie dedicated Lanslide to him and how she was massaging Lindsey's neck during the song. He thought it was a real life Soap Opera. The issue is celebrating "Covers" and the cover photo is of Fleetwood Mac in bed together. There is a 4 page article about Stevie's Phoenix home in Sept. In the August issue of Blender magazine page 42 there is an interview with Joe Perry of Aerosmith and he is asked "Best rumor about yourself? The current American Way inflight magazine Aug 1, issue had Stevie Nick's "Bella Donna" album listed in the entertainment section as a listening choice along with a brief description and photo of the album cover.

The Carly Simon Anthology has the following in the liner notes by Jack Mauro: "I was now a shaving boy with a purpose in the record palaces, circumventing life-size displays of Fleetwood Mac and cardboard cutouts of The Eagles with the surefootedness of a square dancer. The Fleetwood Mac wasn't easy, either, what with the extra width of a Stevie Nicks cape to bypass.

No prissy separates for this group. These free-spirited folks loosen up with oversized shapes, brightly colored separates and scarves. Think Stevie Nicks crooning "Sara" and "Rhiannon" and you're there. The dual guitars of brothers Rick and Mark del Castillo provided the instrumental virtuosity, while hyperkinetic frontman Alex Ruiz supplied the rock star flash, twirling like a Chicano Stevie Nicks.

Joseph, Mi. The Windy City Times website had an article which had the following sighting when referring to the band Scissor Sisters : "The lead singer Jake Shears sounds like a mix of a young Elton John and the Bee Gees, while the other lead vocalist Ana Matronic is clearly inspired by Stevie Nicks. Ashlee says that she listens to 70's and 80's rock bands such as The Pretenders and Stevie Nicks.

In a July 30th article on Boston. Which premiered on Sunday They mention that she was one of the divas of the 70's that paved the path for the those of today. In an article on lucire. The Boston Globe has an article about young overachievers which includes the following: " Romanian-born Alexandra Nechita, who began drawing at age 2, moved on to acrylics and oils by 7, and had a one-girl show at 8 at a Los Angeles library.

Nechita is now all of 18 and has been dubbed the "Petite Picasso" -- she's an abstract cubist -- and her work is collected by Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman as well as by former president Bill Clinton and witchy woman Stevie Nicks. The MSN website had the following mention below a photo of Alicia Silverstone: When Lace Attacks: Look, we know it's gotta be tough for Alicia Silverstone to find clothes that conform to her very strict animal-friendly policy, but that doesn't mean she should wear cast-offs seemingly picked up at Stevie Nicks' garage sale.

The "Miss Match" star is a disgrace in black lace and achieves new heights of cluelessness with those grotesque, dangling sleeves that look more itchy than witchy. Is this reflective of the Fisher CD track? There are links to photos, a discography, a biography, and performance clips. The homepage headline reads "Get Caught in the Landslide. The article begins with "Three weeks ago, Bill Hunsberger drove six hours in the pouring rain to see singer Stevie Nicks perform in Nashville, Tenn. There is a picture of Stevie with the list.

To destinguish the 9th Lollapalooza, the summer festival of rock and oddities will take place over 2 days instead of one. To facilitate an extra day of "mischeif," Ferrel promises lower ticket prices and the "sprit of the gypsy. This supergem remains an overlooked masterpiece probably because it sold "only" 5 million copies, roughly 14 million fewer than 's Rumours.

Chuck Klosterman, senior writer 3. There is a group picture of the band circa , and a smaller photo of Stevie Nicks singing, with the caption "Everyone was so stoned," says Stevie Nicks. Didn't realize the whole trick until half way through. I saw that BAR was missing, but didn't right away notice the three-black-square "bar. I agree with foodie about the inconsistency in the theme answers - several times a drinking establishment, sometimes a stand-alone word and sometimes part of a word or proper name leaving the fill a set of nonsense letters.

I assume GOL is "goal" in some language I'm not familiar with. Two DNFs this weekend. Glad there's a Monday coming. Anon You obviously didn't try Google as I suggested.

Learn a little about how credit bureaus work

Also you didn't look closely at my "nom de blog". I bought my "evener tool" where I bought all my professional supplies. Now, you're on your own. I love clever cluing, puns and misdirections so I felt that finishing with three blanks was OK. Mom does the syndicated puzzle so we'll see what she thinks next week and quite sharp.

I disagree that the theme word must be used to illustrate only one thing, such as a drinking establishment. Everything was fair and gettable with some effort. This tidbit may come in handy at some future date, and don't ask me how I remember this, but Fibber McGee and Molly's street address was 79 Wistful Vista. Haven't thought about that in donkey's years. Agree that the bar theme was an elegant surprise -- especially since I had seen the constructor's name and scanned the grid for something 'architectural' but found nothing. Lots of good words, but Natick-y moments in the short fill made finishing a challenge.

Never heard of an E-boat disrupting Allied convoys by spamming their in-boxes? Identified with Rex's "Now I lay me down to sleep" comment. Random anecdotal data point: It's Sunday, so I skipped the puzzle and came to see the writeup. Saw Gorski's name and decided to do the puzzle after all. Still too big and a bit of a slog, but a well-done one. I guess I should be proud to have caught the BARs without anyone pointing it out, but I can't get that excited about it. I think I'd like this better if "Wunder" in the title had any bearing on the puzzle.

Anyone come up with a plausible story, given that "W" is not under the BARs? Just thought the Bars were left out. Never got the real theme til I got here. Do they still sell TV sets at best buy. Thought they were called flat screen TVs. I'm glad nearly everyone had a great time solving this, but from a conceptual viewpoint I think this has to be said -- it is a MAJOR FLAW in the theme if so many excellent solvers would never have noticed what the theme was without the benefit of this blog.

This means that the vast majority of Sunday solvers won't fully appreciate this theme, period. And unless I'm missing something, the title is another flaw -- since the theme is so ingeniously tricky, it's completely logical to think that "Wunderbar" has something to do with a W under the bar -- but it's a completely pointless bit of misdirection. The powers that be have to be attentive enough to catch this kind of thing so that a truly inspired puzzle like this one can be truly appreciated by as many solvers as possible.

Like many, I had the BAR in the square, rebus-like, at first. Then when I moved it to the adjacent black square it made sense. It wasn't until I came here that I realized the BAR was the 3 black squares only and that all of the other black squares were singles. Most of the fill was excellent with very little hard-core crosswordese, e.

I have read that Ralph Waldo Emerson preferred be to be called Waldo. I rationalized the puzzle title as "wondering where the 'bar' was supposed to be" Awesome puzzle. Did it, got it, loved it! Now on to other things, sadly not a football game. We only use '. Didn't get clue for qty 39D if she meant quantity. Enjoyed the puzzle very much but didn't see bars either. Thanks for this blog. Hand way up for missing the figurative bar.

Thought this was extra difficult because the locations of the missing bars seemed so random, with no crosses to confirm, or even hint at where they might belong. After reading Rex's notes, I really feel foolish, and certainly in much more awe of the puzzle. Obviously didn't know LOME. The title was a cherry on top of a big ice cream sundae. The three-black-square BARs magically become part of the theme.

Excellent title that could have been a theme entry itself. Devilishly difficult, and this is how we like our NY Times Sunday puzzles. Thanks for a tough workout. Have to admit that I didn't think that before I read Rex's write-up! Now I think the inconsistency is acceptable, and the "rebus" -bar or bar- only going one direction is explained.

Of course I was also hunting for Ws under bars. I thought Garrison in Minnesota was a fun misdirection instead of from: I was wondering if I was supposed to know another army post or Fort. My query seems to have disappeared and I'm still wondering. If anyone is still reading and can enlighten me, I'd appreciate it! While I was solving, I kept thinking that Rex would excoriate this puzzle for all the yucky fill. Guess it's just me doing any excoriating around here.

Easy-medium for a Sunday. Shortz , I'm humbled by the difficulties of construction. Today's puzzle is a monumental work.

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On top of that, a top-notch fill: Fantastic puzzle and a teachable moment for an aspiring constructor who hopes to see his name on a Sunday puzzle some day Yes, they did but apparently they are back together. I never liked dolls growing up so I'm a little jaded but the ad campaign has left me cold. The puzzle started for me at Barbie and Ken so I had the theme down right away. The rest of the puzzle has a themeless vibe to it—tough answers, tough clues.

Four years ago, my hometown got walloped by incoming chondrites , some zooming through rooftops and windows but most landing on the ground harmlessly. I'm sure it is. Did you happen to notice that the black squares in this 14x15 grid aren't placed symmetrically? From the original Superman show? By the way, I asked Byron to tell us a little about the construction of his oddball Sun puzzle.

Watch for that later today in the comments. As with most CHE crosswords deftly edited by Patrick Berry , the fill is interesting and the clues are smart—maybe a touch more literary and scientific literacy is called for, but there's still a smattering of pop culture. If you like tougher themed crosswords, you should make a point of solving this one each week. I download it on Fridays from Cruciverb. The theme entries include puns with Japanese words. A few favorite clues: I don't want to think about meat hooks! If you didn't make time for the puzzle last week, now's your chance!

The resulting batch of phrases is crisp: Easier than most WSJ puzzles, too—it can be fun to zip through a puzzle faster than you were expecting. The first theme answer I happened to fill in was the last one, the one that gave away the gimmick: Hooray for the clue [It's rarely seen under a hat] for AFRO—I saw two people one man, one kid sporting afros today, so I'm glad not to see another clue referencing the '60s or '70s.

A beautiful swath of white squares in the center of the grid, no? I always like a Z, and this puzzle has two: I need to look that up. Ukuleles started out as Portuguese instruments called machetes , brought to Hawaii by Portuguese recruited to work in the sugar cane fields. And [Pentathlete's equipment] sounds sporting, but it's another firearm answer: ORE is a [Dirty money source]. LOL is [What might be sent to a card on the computer?

No time to write much today. First off, it's a quip puzzle, and that usually puts a bad taste in my mouth. And then I got completely mired in the bottom midsection. That seems needlessly arcane, particularly for a themed Thursday puzzle and particularly when it crosses the quip. Accurate enough, but there are so many better clues for CHOP that don't lead the solver elsewhere to, say, WHIP —and again, crossing the quip, it should be more gettable than that.

To the left, [Homecoming stragglers? The 13 starred clues have something in common. The "hint" adds nothing. The 13 theme entries, 4 to 8 letters apiece 79 letters in all for this theme , are all one-word Broadway musicals, I believe: Oh, Google tells me , , and Look for it again in another decade. A lovely Wednesday theme that flowed smoothly from start to finish. These are a few of my favorite things: Having spent some time this afternoon in Crypticland, I was looking backwards within the theme entries for the theme—but really, it's just that a draft of cold beer can be found at the back end of each theme entry.

I once ordered a Blue Moon beer, unaware that it was a Belgian-style wheat beer, and I do not care for witbier, weissbier, or wheat beer. I hated Blue Moon until I added that orange slice, and then it was delicious. Everything is better with Orange! Cool grid, with the 8-letter theme entries stacked in part parallel to the 11s and crossing the 10s.

Between those and the central 7, every section of the puzzle is hooked to the theme entries.

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Apparently she was a hotshot in her youth and won a Boys Junior title at age Ray Hamel's CrosSynergy puzzle, "Tec Support," clues four fictional detectives by saying who helped them with their cases. Nice trivia twist on a category theme. All frequent crossword solvers come to learn that an ogee is an S-shaped molding. But how often do they have the opportunity to equip their homes with the ogee motif?

That's an eye-catching pattern, all right. Evad passed along a link to the Boston Globe story about a marriage proposal lurking in the theme of Sunday's puzzle. Not the crossword available in Across Lite last weekend—one we non-Bostonians will see in a few weeks. Or you can print it out now if you can't wait that long. The theme in Raymond Hamel's New York Sun crosswords hits smack-dab in the middle of my pop-culture sweet spot: Who remembered Janet's last name? The theme is food-related transportation: Not a fan of gravy I like how the theme entries are all clued with reference to their colloquial usage.

The latter is clued as [Sound of a smitten heart], but I think it goes better with [Sound of a cratered road]. Don't hearts go "pit-a-pat" rather than "bumpety-bump"? Sometimes solvers must provide their own cheesy pop-culture references. Here's a concert clip —bad sound, bad picture, but you can still make out the super-tight jeans the whole band is wearing with their odd shirts.

Matt Gaffney's Onion A. Club puzzle is a barrel of fun. The theme entries are pairs of websites in which the first one has become a verb. Fresh theme, and it gets some unusual letter combos into the puzzle. Hartman , Raymond Hamel. Earlier this month, I published my 1,th post. And June marked my second bloggiversary. And I mean that in a good way. Fred Piscop's Monday New York Times crossword strikes me as what a Monday puzzle should strive to be—answers that sparkle, a fun theme, easy clues, and only a couple of the sort of words e.

The theme answers are super-fresh: I'm not sure how to describe the theme, exactly, but I like the trio it includes. The fill includes all sorts of goodies: Alan Arbesfeld's New York Sun puzzle is a little fancy for a Monday—look at those two corners packed with 7-letter answers! But the clues were easy enough that I filled in the theme answers without noticing what the theme was. Highlights in the non-theme answers: Piscop and Arbesfeld and Shortz and Gordon for a stellar pair of Monday crosswords.

Our language is especially rich in oddball words that mean "nonsense" claptrap, tommyrot or a "to-do" kerfuffle, brouhaha, ruckus, donnybrook. The clue for ORGY cracked me up: The puzzle probably wasn't any harder than the other Monday puzzles, but my mother was asking me questions while the clock was running. Alan Arbesfeld , Diane C. Baldwin , Fred Piscop , Randolph Ross. My procrastinatorial skills are the stuff of legend, however, so we'll see how the evening plays out.

Rather, the nine theme entries all take "X for Y" phrases and invert the X and Y. Plenty of good fill seasons the grid: Other morsels I enjoyed: Most confusing and then most alarming: When I didn't have all the letters yet, I just couldn't see what it wanted to be. Oh, alate , as in "having wings. Henry Hook's Boston Globe puzzle, "Mouthing Off," has a bunch of theme entries that pertain to smiles, with the: I don't quite know how I finished the puzzle as quickly as I did, given the number of letters I just plain guessed on.

OSH is a [Kyrgyzstan city]? Is that a first or last name? I'd Google these mystery words and provide links, but I'm trying not to procrastinate too much. In any event, the act of writing these down helps them find a crack in my brain to sneak into, so if they show up on a tournament crossword, I may be ready.