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Gemini also gets bored quickly, so it might be helpful to download the latest Kama Sutra app on your phone and store it nearby to keep things fresh! Tell them how beautiful and sexy they are and once they let down their guard, they can be some of the most erotic and kinky lovers out there! Spontaneity is great for Cancers once they trust you, so after you've done your homework and gotten past the hard outer shell, go for an impromptu sex date by setting the mood. Bring them out to a nice dinner, then as soon as you walk in the door, press them up against the wall and strip off their clothes.

Do it in the hallway or on the kitchen counter!

Leos are known for their dramatic behavior and love of the spotlight. Leos aren't shy and they want a lot of attention. Did I mention a LOT? Leos would be one of the first in line of the zodiac to go for making an amateur home video! True Leos embody exhibitionism at its finest.

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Having optimal personal hygiene and a pristine location for sexy time is a must. Virgos will also keep tabs in bed on what works and what doesn't and are all about favors for others, so get ready to potentially hear a critique at the end of your love-making session. Try not to roll your eyes, because they don't like criticism. Their brains work like computers and they praise anything organized and efficient, so don't take it personally if they tell you what you did "wrong" after the act.

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In their mind, they just want it to be better next time so you don't waste precious time. Gotta love that O.

The Ugly Truth About the Signs

As Lessard says, "Libra is one of the classiest and most elegant signs of the zodiac. They praise anything aesthetically beautiful or pleasing to the senses. They also love the human form, so don't wear those baggy pants on a date, because it will totally gross a Libra out. Leos are charming, witty, and independent individuals who can sometimes come across as self-centered, though not always.

Leos want what they want and are willing to do what it takes to get it.

Compatibility of Sun Signs

If not, they sulk quietly, even if they know they are being silly or childish. Most people love Leos because they are outgoing and friendly.

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Leo personalities are almost always well-balanced. They are prideful to be certain, but are not ones to indulge in laments of the past. Imparts spirit and energy Aries : March 21 — April Leo : July 23 — August Sagittarius : November 23 — December New Articles from Susan.

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