Horoscope for scorpio december 19 2019

Venus enters Scorpio

The window before your birthday and Scorpio season grants you planetary permission to get into a flowy state as often as possible. Restore and rejuvenate, keeping your schedule light. Under these creative rays, your imagination is dialed up, making this a perfect time to dive into an artistic project or some deep spiritual seeking.

Mars demands action! Extracting the truth from them might take a while, but better to get it all out in the open…at least as much as you can. Now is your chance to deal and heal. The uneasy combo can make it hard to chill out. People will be passive-aggressive, even whiny, and you might find yourself tossing and turning over stressful thoughts. On October 3, your other co-ruler, transformational and karmic Pluto, wakes up from a five-month retrograde through Capricorn and your third house of expression, community and media.

Communication has been an ongoing issue for you to transform and improve for the past few years as Pluto makes its lengthy, once-in-a-lifetime journey through Capricorn from to While Pluto was retrograde since April 24, many Scorpios struggled to get their point across.

Old fears, some driven by shame and anxiety, may have created blocks in key relationships.

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And during this psyche-probing October, you can get down to the root cause, which will help you make lasting change. On October 7, the Libra Sun in your twelfth house of illusions will lock into a tense square with rigid Saturn in Capricorn and your third house of communication.

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But you could have to negotiate through a minefield of obstinate decision makers with old-school opinions. Are you the one being stubborn and stonewalling? This transit will repeat on October 27 between intense Mars also in Libra and Saturn, a day to really give yourself a break. The bigger lesson? Know your limits!

Give yourself—and others—a chance to absorb information and climb the inevitable learning curve. You might be on information overload or just emotionally saturated wring out that psychic sponge!

Could it be a hint of…codependence? Just in time, the October 13 Aries full moon sweeps into your sensible sixth house of health, order and analytical thinking. Simplify, streamline and prioritize. And ask for good help! Skip navigation! Story from Horoscopes.

In , your primary focus will be on verbal and written interactions, Scorp. Your ruling planet, Pluto, has been in close collaboration with Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, from their positions in your third house of communication. These two planets are working together to help you fine-tune your approach to generating and seeking out opportunities.

Jupiter, the planet of luck, will inhabit your second house of value and possessions until December 2. If your goal is to create a comfortable financial future for yourself, throw your weight and your words behind it — any moves you make during this year will be beneficial. Career This year, pay attention to the sun as he will undergo three eclipses this year. The sun is responsible for managing your career zone, and each of his eclipses will help you determine what needs to change and what needs to go in your work life.

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We often get into habits that can hinder our growth, but these solar events will help you evolve into a more successful professional. Beware of waste and stagnation. You are at the brink of a professional change. Yin and Yang energies are finely tuned and balanced for creativity and achievement.

You are a tremendous force to reckon with in projects. Changes at work or at home bring financial stability and emotional security. Good fortune takes you where you want to go. Lucky number 9.

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  4. Things are not as bad as they look so be realistic and practical! This is a time of growth with the end of a delusion. You begin to see reality and the truth about personal relationships and professional ventures.

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    This a time of endings and new beginnings! Colour scarlet. You need to make a few changes to retain balance in personal and professional partnerships today.

    Health needs care and you must raise your energy level. Your social life is engaging.

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    Focus on important issues instead of wasting time on trivial matters. Lucky number 8. You gain from communication skills when old projects are revived. Media exposure is on the cards. You keep looking for breaks during a socially busy time combined with a hectic schedule.

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    A shopping spree can ruin your budget and financial plans; watch out! Colour blue. You impress people with your personality, talent and charisma.