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He is individualistic and appreciates solitude.

For Scorpio, self-respect is very important. Often driven by feelings, is distinguished by perseverance.

He loves not dreams. Always knows what he wants and pursues his goals with great tenacity. His instinct for preservation is the strongest. He is intuitive rather than rational. Scorpio is attracted by the mystical side of existence. He concerns the issue of life and death. He is a valuable friend, but also a mortal enemy. The company often goes unnoticed, but who neglect you 're wrong. Who bothers him not escape unpunished. It is very vindictive. Stubborn and aggressive, are often revenge for the inconvenience minor. He is often surprising. Wait a lot of patience auspicious occasion of its goals and then act lightning.

There is no way of understanding for the mistakes of others. Man of contrasts, is in permanent tension. Decided to transform often even in partisanship. Life is a succession of great achievements or resounding failure. A Scorpio does not trust anybody, and therefore has a hidden mind. The practice often slyly.

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Distrust was almost pathological, makes it painfully envious and jealous. When his ambitions are unrealistic, all they can even affect health. Sagittarius Horoscope Native of Sagittarius is lenient and tolerant. Dynamic and flexible, always ready for action, adventure and travel appreciates. He is an open mind for new and unusual. Free Spirit, reformer, is almost exclusively guide the ideals, but appreciates and comfort.

Cheery and optimistic, Sagittarius is living life fully. No independent can not live. Sometimes give evidence of excess zeal. Although has organizing an exceptional talent, is based less on rationality and more on intuition. A Sagittarius is a man of principles. Truth and justice are very important.

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Honor to be exemplary. Passions are sports and nature.

Think with your heart, although his ideas are not lacking efficiency. With sometimes contradictory feelings and exaggerated self-conceit can be easily offended. He is not modest. Exaggerated optimism can lead to risky speculations. It is easily fooled. Often exaggerated, Sagittarius is sometimes arrogant, capricious and difficult to bear. From horoscope match, zodiac compatibility, love compatibility that will help you find the right person in your life.

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Or acknowledge the person sending an AstroPod. Do you like each other? Chat with your Perfect Match. Caracteristicile zilei. Alege-ti zodia pentru horoscopul de azi Vineri, 28 decembrie Capricorn may 11 astrology Hyperbolic critical spirit makes it vague and could miss many opportunities in life. Horoscopul Zilei de Grade! Capricorn may 11 astrology A Scorpio does not trust anybody, and therefore has a hidden mind.

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