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For now, however, that means doing lots of listening. End of discussion. You often deny it, but others say that when things come too easy, you tend to suspect them or will even invent complications, of the variety that gives you something to think about or a challenge. The secret?

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Begin with one or two at the most. Tackle more and you could soon feel overwhelmed. Sometimes a disagreement is exactly that, a situation in which you must acknowledge that the gap between your views and those of somebody else is impossibly wide. That done, you can then agree to disagree.

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However, one particular case requires cooperation, which means working together to find, and achieve, that common ground. Just when you thought things were organised, certain details arose. While you were fully aware of these, you assumed they could be dealt with much later. That being the case, discuss them with those involved individually. The rest will be easy. The fact, these once worked but no longer do. First, recognise that, then make those changes. Once you do that, everything else will fall into place, and with magical ease. Still, obviously, you want to learn more.

You only need their agreement to your plans, nothing more. Are you struggling to keep certain longstanding and, in some cases, cherished arrangements going? The fact is, as much as these have enriched your life, it may be time for a substantial rethink or, quite possibly, to say farewell to them.

That will soon become clear. Often, however, you brush them off, and without realising it. Keep everybody updated. Withdraw discreetly, promising to talk thing over, but not right away. Exciting as the ideas currently being discussed may be, if you get involved it means making some serious changes. Plunge in. Good fortune comes in many forms. Knowing that, at least explore every idea or offer, and no matter how strange an encounter, get to know the individual in question. Some may remain perplexing. But many will turn into a source of joy, prosperity and lasting pleasure.

Between the presence of your ruler Mars in painstaking Virgo and the current emotionally intense Full Moon in that sign, others are in a demanding mood and you find yourself feeling guilty about things you rarely notice. As much as you love being surprised by others, most of those around you know exactly what kind of surprises you welcome, and not.

But certain individuals pay little attention to such matters and, in fact, one has promised you something special. Their surprise will thrill you. Discuss those unspoken issues now, and in depth.

Of course, if you tackle them now, those surprises are less likely. Obviously, this is worrying. At least explore. You could be in for a welcome surprise. Whatever you organise, recognise this is only the beginning. Being a sensible earth sign, you hate wasting time. In fact, some should be ignored. Often you must explain your plans to those who know little about the situation, setting or the people involved. That is, if you expect somebody to join in with your plans, take action. Then, next time, tell them to get involved. The move by the communication planet, Mercury, into Virgo on your birthday accents the need to, first, review these matters for yourself.

That, alone, will be challenging but rewarding. Next is discussing these with others.

Today’s Horoscope : Tuesday, 12 November

Few things annoy you more than those who avoid forthright discussions but, instead, use guilt as a springboard to make requests. Instead, take another approach. In fact, things are getting worse. This probably has more to do with the actual problem. That being the case, get involved.

Everybody will be glad you did. As generous as you can be when things are going your way, recent changes in longstanding plans or unexpected events have brought out your stubborn side. Being a painstaking Virgo, you can sometimes get so caught up in improving on existing arrangements that you brush off new ideas without giving them much thought. Not only is there plenty to explore, certain insights, ideas or offers could be amazingly profitable. From that stillness insights will surface, about those issues and, equally, others.

Virgo, if something sounds too good to be true, don't buy into it. People will be prone to exaggeration. Big ideas will lead nowhere, details will be skimmed over, and people will likely say too much. But that doesn't mean you won't have fun—even though you'll probably spend too much money around this time. Sexy Venus enters Fire Aries on February 3, heating up a very intimate sector of your chart! Venus is the planet of love and money.

While it's in Aries, issues concerning sex and intimacy will be on the table, as will financial issues, especially concerning taxes, debts, and inheritances. Astrologers often call Virgo the sign of service. However, while Venus is in Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, please try to put your needs first and let your partners know what you want—whether that's in bed or regarding the check they're writing you.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, enters Aquarius on February 7, which will boost your productivity. Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication, so it works well in logical Air sign Aquarius. This is a great month to get organized and get shit done. The lunar eclipse arrives on February 10, and it will take place in regal Leo. Eclipses are exciting—but they're totally exhausting, too. This one will be especially tiring, since it will be activating a very private, sleepy, hidden sector of your chart. Your tarot card is the Hermit, and you'll definitely be craving some alone time right now.

Please try to put your needs first and let your partners know what you want—whether that's in bed or regarding the check they're writing you. Colour saffron. You need to look at situations with your head and the heart.

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End of the day brings a surprise. You make progress in all areas of life. Spiritual growth through meditation and guidance is elevating. Be relaxed in situations or anxiety and stress can overcome you. Colour blue. There is balance and harmony at home and synergy in the work area. Beware of over indulgence in emotion, food or drink. You start a new project while rejuvenating an old one. Love and romance add a special flavor to your relationship. You connect with friends. Lucky number 2. Colour lilac.

When there is a mess wipe the slate clean and start all over with a fresh and unbiased mind. You need to revamp fitness and diet routines to remain healthy and active. You meet interesting people who become friends. Look at fear in the face and it drops!


Colour white. Your persistence and patience take you towards goals. Personal relationships change for the better and love blooms again, after you communicate and discuss problems.

Daily Horoscopes: September 26, - VICE

You enjoy goodwill and friendship. Earthy matters and finances can be taken care of today. Lucky number 5. Colour browns.