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Jupiter will transit Scorpio from January to 20th March From 30th March to 22nd April, it will transit Sagittarius and then onwards till 5th November, Jupiter will again transit Scorpio. Jupiter will be retrograding from 10th April to 11th August. Saturn will transit your 8th house in Sagittarius for the entire and will retrograde from 30th April to 18th September. Rahu will be transiting Cancer till 7th March. After that it makes an entry into your 2nd house in Gemini and will continue in Gemini till the end of the year. Ketu will begin transiting Sagittarius on 7th March.

Taurus, Mars will be transiting your 11th house in Pisces. In , you will see favorable developments on the career front, Pisces. Success will come to you through hard work and sincere efforts. You will be passionate towards work, which will bring new opportunities in your career. However, avoid taking shortcuts, as it can spoil your reputation. If you plan to step into a new venture, then keep low expectations and avoid investing in it at least till August Around March, a profitable new project from abroad is likely.

Be humble and supportive with coworkers. If working in the fields of marketing or finance, then exceptional growth and profits will come your way this year. The period before March and after September would be favorable for change of job and you may plan to switch your job with the help of a female friend. If working under a female boss or supervisor, be careful to avoid any clashes with her. Your efforts at work will earn you appreciation and relations with your boss will mostly be cordial.

Any prevailing confusion seems to clear after April. A big change is likely to change your life in November. Taurus, seems to be a prosperous time for your finances. Financial stability will largely prevail and flow of income looks to be good. All money related matters would proceed smoothly.

Saturn aspects your house of income in Some confusion might exist due to delays. Spend wisely, as expenses may rise after March. Repayment of an old loan will bring relief. Consult your spouse and father before making a big investment. You may choose to spend on vehicle or land this year. In August, a land related work would bring profitable results. Investing in share market after September will be rewarding. Sudden gains are possible in November and could likely be in the form of parental wealth or an old investment.

Keep your expenses in check. Your financial condition appears to improve around the end of the year. Taurus, offers mixed results for your love life. As the year starts, lack of time for your partner would result in clashes and quarrels. Try to maintain a balance; otherwise, your personal life may be severely affected. Around March, be very careful and diplomatic with your partner, as your harsh words can cause permanent damage and sabotage your bond.

If you are single and planning to propose to your loved one, then this year is quite favorable and a positive response is likely. Chances of a love marriage seem strong in September. Marriage life looks good at the start of After June, differences due to frequent arguments may possibly develop.

Try to clear out any misunderstandings as soon as possible. Around August, things will get better, as work related success and achievements would make the domestic atmosphere cordial and jovial. Helping your partner with their work can help boost harmony in relations. Presence of a guest will lead to celebrations. Taurus, appears to start on a sluggish note.

Stress and tension can keep you down. Thanks to the Almighty that the dream of late Guru has come true. There are books with titles embedded with word Naadi but generally using conventional method with star level or some other divisional components which does not have this method of prediction using only Karakatwas of planets. It is absolutely wrong to say that Naadi system deviates from traditional method of Parasara or other well-known methods.

No doubt the combination of planet will take you to the deeper level of prediction with unimaginable details but precision is possible when the traditional system is synchronized with thorough understanding of Parasara. Naadi Astrology is not a system but it is an experience of ever changing significations indicated by planets.

In astrology we cannot translate rules in application word by word. There is lots of inner meaning and this comes only by dedication, devotion and truthful approach without commercial attachment. Thus sticking to a particular rule may not yield similar results always. There is a divinity which evolves being in constant touch with planets and their significations. In an Advanced stage even horoscope becomes irrelevant. The significations that trigger the five senses will be sufficient to decode the subjects life process. This is however are done through certain structured reference steps. They are A.

Naadi Face reading B. Naadi Palmistry C. Naadi through Prashna chart D. Naadi Numerology E. Naadi through colours Apart from these, many wonderful predictions can be given taking the significations of the objects, persons, animals, trees, season, month, week day, thithi, nakshatra, anything and everything you see and sense around you. We give some hits about these methods. These deviations on the parts of the face will indicate the influence of other planets on the main planets indicating the parts.

There may be certain curvatures which might be linking the above parts. This will indicate the links between the planets. Once the link established we have to simply combine the planetary significations to derive at the results. Naadi Palmistry There are many books which talks about astro-palmistry. In fact Naadi Astrology the palmistry is also based on the significations of planets. Though the mounts, line and markings are similar but they are named after planets in Naadi Palmistry. In this work an introduction to Naadi palmistry is given.

Naadi Fields The planetary influencing zones The Vertical lines starting from the each Mount of Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Jupiter fingers running down on either side: Horizontally enclosing both the Mars mount. The entire thumb mounts till the Line of Saturn near the Wrist. The entire moon mounts till the line of Saturn are called fields of planetary influencing zones.

This is the unique contribution from Naadi Palmistry. From Right top edge of thumb commencement or ending of Venus mount draw lines in equal angles that would cover the finger and wrist on the side of little finger. Each of this division is considered as one Kala that is We consider this as years. That is each division is 16 years. This will also cover the planetary fields, mounts, lines.

The markings will indicate the age at which these marking are found. It covers a span of 80 years. Normally palmistry is considered only after 16 years of age.

Thus barring the first 16 years it goes up to 96 years of age. For Venus line it starts from beginning of thumb and runs downward toward writs in age ascending order. The Star SUN On the lines or in the respective fields the proximity of other line, mount, or field will indicate the influence the other planets significations causing To achieve great fame, name and success. Islands RAH - On the lines or in the respective fields the proximity of other line,. Dots: RAH - On the lines or in the respective fields the proximity of other line, mount, or field will indicate the influence the other planets significations causing Surprises, Shocking events with regard to respective field or line.

Branching towards fingers side upward indicates fortune or prosperity -SAT. Sun line or field of Sun having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or field. Moon mount or field of Moon having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or field.

Mars mount or field of Mars having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or field. Mercury line or field of Mercury having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or field.

Jupiter line or field of Jupiter having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or field. Venus line or field of Venus having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or field. Saturn line or field of Saturn having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the prosperity through other line or field.

Sun line or field of Sun having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and blocks other line or field. Moon mount or field of Moon having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and blocks other line or field. Mars mount or field of Mars having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and blocks other line or field.

Mercury line or field of Mercury having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and blocks other line or field. Jupiter line or field of Jupiter having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and blocks other line or field.

Venus line or field of Venus having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and blocks other line or field. Saturn line or field of Saturn having branching orienting towards other line or field indicates the significations of the planets indicating the misfortunes, obstructions and blocks other line or field. The resultant factors of misfortune, obstructions and blocks in respective fields and lines:.

The V also indicates Ketu i. The cross also indicates Ketu ireespective of its orientation, the proximity to a particular line, field or mount is to be seen and then the negative results are to be attributed to the placment with the resource of proximity planets signification.

The Grill also Ketu but it indicates more worry and obstructions in commencement or completion of targets. It also indicates worries. Rahu indicates Dangers, Sickness but is good for unehtical material matters and enjoyments. Focused Venus in the filed the nearness to a particular field or mount will decide the nature or resource of such fortune. Squares Jupiter Ability to teach, motivates, or inspires others and also. Ultimately the significations of the planets are combined by taking the Mount, Field, Line, and other marking relationships. The afflictions or affluence by the marks are included to modify the significations of the planetary combinations constructed through palm lines, mount and fields.

Naadi through Prashna chart This is based on the planetary hours, which is commences at the sunrise of a selected place with the planet ruling on that weak day. Again the sequence repeats and after 3rd round 21 hours will be completed and Sun starts at 22nd hour, 23rd will be Venus, 24th is Mercury. It will be next day at 25th house which is of Moon i. Monday the Hora lord for that day at Sun rise shall be Moon.

All the seven days of the week the same pattern will continue. The Sun rise at the place of Prashna is to be considered and 24 hours method is to be taken. The Hora lord of that moment will be reference point, we have cast the horoscope for that moment and from the this hora lord we have to make planetary combination and give predictions for a particular matter or the entire life history can be given for those who do not have horoscope.

In Western the Numerology is different, they have numbers which have significations and the date of birth is considered vital. But later on the numbers were allotted to planets on a permanent basis. In Naadi the system is little different, No planets have permanent number allotted to them. Sequence changes based on the importance of either day lord or hora lord and from there the sequence of Dasha system is considered.

To days date is 28th so the day is ruled by no 1 incidentally it is Moon. Today being Monday at Hyderabad the Sun rise today is at 5. Therefore now the present condition showing a harmonious vibration of moon that is mind. The present formula or the method is harmonious. This is how the certain questions can be answered about harmony or disharmony for matters. The balance of moon time is at present 31 minutes. Considering 1 hours equalling to 1year period of Moon, the balance of 31 minutes equals approximately to 6 months. This work will get published within 6 month period from now.

Today is There are number of other procedures explained in Prashna Hora Naadi by the scribe. Naadi through colours Most of the students of Astrology must be familiar with colours allotted to Planets. We can observe the colours of any object or the dress of the person and then make combination of planets.

With the combination of signification of these planets questions can be predicted or events can be predicted to the surprise of clients. In our class many students who have mastered these arts will be giving instant prediction based on these combinations of object colours, dress etc. All these will definitely workout provided, the person attempting such methods is well versed with signification of planets and is sincere in his approach.

Example of prediction using face and moment chart A couple had come to me for consultation and unfortunately both of them were doubtful about their year of birth. They were married since 5 years and they were deprived of child birth till date. They wanted to know the future chances if any to have a child. I thought of horary, but something prompted me to look at the face of the boy. On observing I found he has a wide mouth, and has full grown moustache his eyes are gloomy and dull and his cheeks are flat.

I did not pronounce my observation but immediately drew a horary chart that was on 3rd Jan What I observed in the face at that moment has reflected and confirmed by prediction by horary and I conveyed them to drop the idea of having child and instead go ahead with adaptation of a female child which was also there wish.

Such indications will come from all corners at given time, we must only be alert to recognize them and properly interpret them. There are several hints in about Naadi predictions in the great scriptures of Sanathana Dharma. In fact there are people who can give prediction and solutions to the problems just referring to a random page from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishads and Veda related books.

This confirms that Naadi is beyond the human specified rules. Not understanding the philosophy behind the Naadi, many give half-baked explanations in different media and claim as experts. Much before the publication of the first edition of this book the so called stalwarts of traditional astrology condemned this system Naadi and discarded it as not being a Sastra. To-day you find most of them claiming to be Naadi experts and even those who have little knowledge of signs and planets have become researchers on this subject.

It is no doubt a welcome sign that this is being accepted across the world as a best predictive tool. The rules appear to be simple, but it needs lots of logical explanations before concluding the right significations. We are engaged in training of Naadi astrology for the last 10 years and many from our training centres have achieved great success in predicting using all the above techniques.

We have also developed Naadi Cowrie Prashna through which we read past misdeeds and evil spells and find the remedies through it. Material Competitive, Gov. Planetary strengths and weakness Exalted Planets Planets get exalted in certain Rasis exalted planets indicate the self-centeredness of the person denoted by it and the strong desire for the rest of the signification the planet indicates. Exalted planet may over rule the negative effect of sign significations. Debilitated Planets It indicates troubles to the person indicated by the planet. It also indicates that the matters signified by the planets are far away and there needs more exertion to achieve it.

Winning Planets Any Planet associated with Enemy planet if ahead of the enemy planet by degrees it is a winning planet. A winning planet will be able to trust its signification to the defeated planet. In other words a planet that is approaching another planet will get the signification of the approached planet. In fact the defeated planet will indicate the past effects of the winning planet. This is most important.

The same is applied when you take planet in previous sign. This in fact shows the experiences of the significations or left behind matters. In a Friends House The lord of the sign where a planet posited happens to be a friend then the posited planet can give positive effects of the sign signification along with its own significations. Thus it is considered strong. In an Enemy house the planets will become weak and it will be ruled by the negative significations of the sign and the positive significations of the planet will get destroyed.

Hemmed between friends A planet when hemmed between two Friendly planets either in a Rasi degree-wise or posited in a Rasi with a friendly planet is and will give good results of its signification along with the good effect of significations of planets hemming it. If it is hemmed between enemies then it may lose its positive aspect and it will be blocked by the enemy planets and the progress is stopped.

A planet in its own sign In its own sign it is a boss and if it not a destiny breaker then it will good effect of sign and self- significations. A destiny breaker in its own place will have full power and such breaker if linked to good planet the results may get affected. The Friendship and Enmity of Planets: In fact the terminologies we use here absolutely not correct, as there is no such question of enmity among planets.

It is the opposing forces of human wavelengths produced by his actions and thought for which we attribute the amicable and inimical band width. In order to make it a perceivable matrix we attribute the friendship and enmity to them. There are no clear cut enmity factors among planets. The subject being philosophical in nature, the friendship and enmity has to be considered in different contexts. Therefore we need to have the clear understanding as to what matters they exhibit their enmity and to which they co- operate.

Saturn is karma karaka; the Sun is Atma which does not like to get entangled to Karma. Therefore they are treated as enemy. But this is not applicable when it comes to materialistic matters. The success, name, Governing factors are all helping factor to Karma. But moon itself gets disturbed and goes imbalance when contacts Mars, Rahu and Ketu.

The Rahu and Ketu are two nodes having their sensitive points at the intersection of Moon path and the equator along with which the planets revolve. Therefore they are the immediate obstructive forces moving in reverse direction as compared to movement of other planets. Since it is the immediate opposing force to the Mars, the Rahu is a blockade to Mars influence. Similarly at the Southern Node Ketu blocks Venus influence. We have to bow hour head to the logic of our great sages. Intelligently they have shifted the sequence of Dasha after Mars instead of going to Jupiter; they have reversed the sequence and attributed Rahu.

On the other side the Ketu was inducted in between Mer and Ven in accordance with the sensitive point formation. Therefore all the outer Planets including Sun, the Rahu is swallowing planet. For the inner planet Mer and Ven Ketu is obstructive planet. For MARS Mars is a fiery planet in the outer circle and the Mercury is an Airy planet in the inner circle supported by watery planet Venus which creates storm. Mercury is intelligence and Venus is higher knowledge Panditya , Mars is Ego which will mar the intelligence.

But the enmity does not exist if Mars ego is turned to knowledge. Mars turns helps mercury, if he is comfortable, i. Since Venus and Moon Turns him cool, they both are not enemies to him. Due to his egoistic nature, he does not like to be serving nature. Therefore he does not like to surrender to Karma planet Saturn and troubles Karma. But as in the case of Mercury if well placed he would support karma with his Karakatwas.

The Sun is Atma karaka.

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Moreover the Sun is very close to Venus waiting to convert the ojas Ojas is energy, vitality, immunity, fertility of Venus Tejus everlasting radiance. Venus is not prepared for it. Therefore Venus and Sun are enemies for biological changing reason. But materialistic part there seems to be abundance cooperation among these two. Moon is a fickleness, changing, blemish and fraudulent in nature while Venus represents higher knowledge.

These two will not go together. Therefore Moon is enemy to Venus. Rahu as Jeeva karaka is not a life supporting planet, and in this Links Venus scared of Rahu. Ketu is non-materialistic planet. Venus is fully materialistic in nature. Therefore they are not conducive to each other. If materialistic benefits are coming through Ketu by karma then it will not be an enmity factor.

Jupiter is always eager to get Mukti. But Venus is materialistic in nature. When Venus establishes connection with Jupiter excluding the conjunction, then Jeevakaraka is forced to enjoy the materialistic benefits. But if they are in close conjunction in the places where Jeeva karaka is helped for his aim of Mukti then Venus fails to give him the materialistic benefits.

But in close conjunction the biological relationship is not affected both as Jeeva karakas. Saturn is a karma karaka, he has no problem with Venus except that he allows the materialistic benefits to come by karma thus it may cause delay for such benefits. There is no enmity as such between these two planets. Mars is a counter part of Venus. For Mars represent the masculine power and the Venus the feminine power. Materialistically, Mars converts the luxuries in to technical nature. But in religious, serving, and metaphysical activities, Ketu supports mercury. Intelligence with ego, hatred, and haste qualities is not appreciated; hence Mars and mercury will not go hand in hand in that matter.

But if the intelligence is of Mars activity, he will support Mercury. But for all Jeeva karakas Mars will give his temperament qualities which will result in developing enmity. With fickle mind and changing attitude the intelligence gets drifted away, similarly the materialistic Links of Mercury get dwindled. Therefore Moon with his fickleness, changing, fraudulent and Loss inflicting qualities is enemy to Mercury. Again Moon will support Mercury if the matters are related to Moons activity. However, Sun and Mercury are not enemies.

Saturn is karma karaka and therefore the knowledge earned will be due to past karma. When Saturn is involved it matters are delayed but not denied. There is no enmity factor between Saturn and Mercury. Rahu is repetitive in nature, creates illusions, and prompts towards unethical approach because his path is reverse.

These factors may result in marred intellect, repeated efforts or result in unethical learning. Rahu is swallowing planet and therefore not conduce to living matters represented by Mercury. Any destiny braking planet, if its Karakatwas is attached with the destiny makers, that Links they will support. For example, Rahu will support education in foreign land, Air travel, or crime branch related subjects when associated with mer. But the relevant relatives represented by Mercury face problems in life.

For SATURN Saturn, the very name has been condemned by the general mass and in particular the less informed astrological counsellors and the priests. Even the many texts attribute dire malefic effects to Saturn. In fact it is through Saturns Karakatwas a human being is recognized in this modern world. You are what you are professionally present. But unfortunately, the Saturn is tagged with such fearsome qualities, that his name is used to abuse some body in our culture.

But still we expect him to do good to us, which of-course without any malice this noble planet is performing. He has been degraded to such low profile in temples that, his statue is disfigured with oil, till and what not. Why only Saturn for that matter all the Navagraha statues are given this step motherly treatment in temples. If you prostrate to Navagraha temple, you are asked to wash your leg before entering to other deities as if they are untouchables. Almighty himself declares in scriptures that he is the embodiment of these Navagraha.

It is well known fact. Still, the fear complexes created by a sect of selfish religious heads are so much that people are scared to think rationally the facts behind this. In Naadi, we are stating that the planets are part and parcel of our existence. They are with in and around us every moment. Why fear who are actually cause for our existence. We need to recognize them, adore them and continue the karma and be blessed by them. Coming back to subject, the Saturn represents our accumulated, karma and who will be giving the results at the appropriate time whether good or bad according to our past deeds.

In the materialistic world the karma is considered as profession. A work needs concentration, The Moon is fickleness, changing factor, which Saturn does not like. Therefore, there is an enmity between them. But if the karma itself is of Moons Karakatwas then there will be no problem yet there would be blames and changes in Karma. The Sun we have discussed already. The Mars is a harassment and enmity factor and therefore there will be problems in profession.

However, the technical or professional Links of Mars will not have trouble. But the professional Karakatwas of Rahu will flourish.

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Ketu is Mukti karaka. Mukti means karma Mukti. This will prompt the native to end his karma or change in karma. Ketu karma may not get afflicted. Ketu who is Mukti karaka will drive the native to philosophical life, and if he is destined for karma then it makes Jupiter immobile to experience ill health or pain. Ketu is also a Bandana planet which will indicate the Bandana yoga to Jeeva.

However all planet will indicate the life character and life orientation of Native in general and the Jeeva karaka will be prone to disease indicated by these planets. Except this we do not attribute any enmity to Jupiter among other planets. However we need to have some definite friendship and enmity among planets.

Therefore, we give a table below of Friendship, Equals, and Enmity among planets. Please note that there is a difference between destiny breakers and enmity and equal factor. This below table is also used in Naadi in certain mattes. For example Venus treats Jupiter as equal that is as a challenger. Therefore it may expect health problems relating to Jupiter to Females if there is Venus and Jupiter combination. But Venus may also indicate female being more luxurious and a noble person. Planetary exchange: It will occur when the Lords of two different signs occupy each others house.

Under these circumstances, first part we have to take the combinations of Jupiter for self from Scorpio and analyse the aspects to it and arrive at results. The first part of life will have results relating Jupiter from Scorpio and the 2nd part will modify the results after exchange considering from Pisces. Similarly the Mars results are to be arrived at, for results of Brother. Combust Planet will not give much good results.

If a combust planet is associated or in aspect or in exchange with friendly planet it will give good results and if involved with enemy planets it will give bad results. The debilitated planet if involved in exchange it will lose its debilitated nature.

It will give good or bad results based upon friendly or enemy planet association after exchange. The debilitation will get cancelled if the Planet has aspect from 1, 5, 9, 3,7,11, 2, and The results will be based on nature of combination of aspecting planets. Similarly the Exaltation will also nullify if there is planetary exchange or aspect as said above and the results will vary according to the association of aspecting planets.

A Retrograde planet will have half aspect to its rear sign and the results will be based on the planet in the rear sign. The retrograde planet may lose its entity as exaltation or debilitation. Planetary significations karakatwa The planetary significations are most important in Naadi prediction. These are given in table format for easy grasping.

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It is better to memorize these significations to be proficient in Naadi prediction. We recommend ritualistic reading of these significations every day at least 10 times. Over a period of time you will be conversant with the significations of planets and you find it easy to link the significations and give right predictions. She will be conscious about her appearance and expensive.

Female marriage: She will be capricious in nature and will have interest in arts beauty and self-concern If moon is linked to Mars the husband will unfocused and travelling and fickle minded. Effect on Marriage, Progeny Indicates affairs, partially support marriage, Progeny problem and female progeny. Miscellaneous to be considered in Transit of Planet Subject to influence of other planets. Effect on Marriage, Progeny Indicates affairs, partially support marriage, Problems in progeny.

Audit, Banking, Legal, H. Similarly he also indicates prospective male progeny if linked to Sun and female progeny if linked to Venus Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets. Endocrine system All glands producing different hormones Womb, ovaries cheeks, face, semen, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hormonal defects Metabolic problems affecting body. Practical oriented studies, Work related subjects and examinations. Karmic results C.

In female horoscope it indicates the same if linked to Mars. However Saturn also acts like 2nd marriage planet for females Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets. Effect on Marriage, Progeny Fraudulent and questionable relationships - Problem Progeny dosha to be remedied.

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Note: Results vary if this planet is influenced by other planets. Jupiter Link gives relief with remedies. Ketu in between two planets always creates discard in relation matters. Ketu is not a good planet for progeny matters if linked to Sun or Ven Male progeny Sun and male planets, Female Progeny Ven and female planets. It is the connection of Jeeva to Atma and Buddhi and Bogha in materialistic senses becomes destiny maker for which the Jeeva is linked.

If Karma is connected these destinies are due to past deeds and will get at the benefits appropriate period Bhagya or Bhoga. The Mars link will denote the efforts required to achieve the destiny. The Moon indicates the changes, the Rahu the illusions and Dangers and the Ketu will reject the materialistic matters.

This metaphysical approach in Naadi is unique approach to study the chart of a person. This will enable to know the journey of Jeeva, the karma theory behind this birth, and his orientation of life. Jup if linked to above any one or more, these factors of destiny are enjoyable by Jeeva in this birth due to his free will. If it is linked by Saturn then the destiny makers offer the enjoyable material benefits due to his past deeds.

This is we call it as Fortune. If Both Jeeva and Karma i. Jup and Saturn are linked then the free will and karma are supporting each other to enjoy these benefits. But there could be something which is obstructing in getting the desired effects: This can happen by:. If Rahu is involved, it is the illusions, reversals, and unethical means being forced upon to get the results. This will be irksome for mind. If Ketu is involved There will be rejections, dissatisfaction, depression and disputable effects the significations relating to material benefits. This may force the native to think of metaphysical life.

Ultimately, to be short, Moon, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu will be destiny breakers. With above classifications we get the following grouping which is necessary for horoscope analysis. Jeeva Karaka is Jupiter: Karma Karaka is Saturn for every other Jeeva karaka, except when Saturn is considered as elder brother the Jupiter becomes karma karaka. When the affluent planets encounter destiny breakers, the matters are subjected negative effects as said above. However the Destiny breakers too have certain material benefiting factors which are to be considered. For example Moon represents distant travel and change and liquid related affluence.

These affluences may have to be logically included for modified results. It is the next planet which will decide the nature of results. After change in status there could be problems. Father after changing place may face hurdles due to enmity. Parents may face problems due to brother. Of-course these will have to be studied with reference to Rasi Karakatwas also. In case of Rahu this may also indicate dangers and disease. Ketu will make Jeeva karakas immobile and may cause physical problems. Karma Karaka Saturn verses Destiny breakers: The destiny breakers will obstruct the karma in accordance with their karakatwa while with support of Jeeva karakas; they may compel the Saturn to perform such karmas represented by them.

In planetary combination, planets in the same sign needs to be sequentially organized degree wise indicating order of planets. Then according to directions they need to be grouped.

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If a planet under study has an enemy planet next to it, it offers its negative characteristics to the planet under study, and if it is a friendly planet it offers positive characteristics. Apply this in the sequence of more than two planet combination. Mercury who does not treat Moon a friend will not accept the negativity and therefore will not give the nature its capricious nature to Native being placed after a positive planet.

But Moon has cheating effect on Mer representing Land. Therefore Native will get cheated in Land issue. Moon indicate change, native will have changes in educational matters. Mercury being a friend being with female planet, the native Jupiter will befriend a fickle minded or blemish character woman. Moon being enemy to Venus the karaka for wife, naturally create problems in marital life of the native.

Native will have knowledge and interest in, Liquids and Arts. Thus the native will be cunning and diplomatic. One is sequential grouping of planet another is friendship and enmity factor are the Key to study the combinations. Therefore, we need to understand the relationship of planets. Before getting into the simplest rules set in Naadi prediction I wanted the traditional astrology students to understand a few facts about Astrology.

In traditional method like Parasara, Jaimini, Hora shastram etc. There are several computational differences in considering the Bhava separate from the Sings. These Bhava are nothing but the classifications of planetary significations divided into 12 department of life and are assigned each one to one Bhava. For example the Mars represents ego Body and the Natural zodiac sign commences with Aries as its sign and the signification of Body is or self that is ego is allotted to Aries Sign as First house.

Now as per traditional astrology each individual has his own traits of Body and self, this needs considerable changes in qualities. These qualities can change only when the signs are different but indicating the same Bhava for Body. Therefore, the system of Lagna or Ascendant is brought into computation for considering the commencing point for different categories of people born at different places and time.

This commencing point computed based on the monthly position of Sun in different time. This considered based position of Sun and Earth considered in contrast astrologically.

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The entire stars and planetary motion is considered in contrast to the actual spinning of earth in 24 hours. This gives an illusion that every sign is rising at 2 hours interval commencing from Sun rise for a given place and time. From this reference point as Ascendant or Lagna other 11 signs are determined and considered as 12 Bhava. However due to elliptical orbital movements the signs may not have exact 30 degrees span, hence there could be different lengths for each Bhava, while the signs remain at fixed length of 30 degrees.

This system of computation of Bhava is where there could be some drifting of commencing points may cause double Bhava in one sign and making two or more signs covering a Bhava. Anyway this complication computational aspect is not required in Naadi, as the all the Bhava significations are derived from Planets and studying planets would give all the predictions covering 12 Bhava.

Therefore, in Naadi, the Bhava system and the Lagna are not considered by experts as they have the logic of interpretation to differentiate the matters of life by planetary significations. However it is not the ultimate truth. In advanced predictive techniques, this system of planetary significations is superimposed on the conventional system of prediction and more detailed reading of horoscope can be derived.

For this the present system of traditional approach is insufficient. There needs to be some Naadi inputs in conventional method of Bhava system and the dignities of planets are to be modified based on certain in-depth meaning of lordships. Though many claim having introduced the mixing of two systems, being a half-baked knowledge based those do not work as claimed. I want the conventional astrological students to unlearn the system of traditional for a while studying this book.

No not to discard what you have learnt, but not to compare with what you have learnt The present system of analysis needs full fledge knowledge about planets, and we need to know the matter for which we need predictions. I am now proceeding with the details. For this we have given below two tables showing the relationship government by each planet and matters represented by them. From the above table select the matter for which prediction is to be given and choose the planet against it.

Now cast the birth chart for the person and locate the planet for which you need prediction. Now re-organize or regroup them degree wise. This procedure is simply called planets in 1, 5, and 9. In Naadi planets in these signs are considered as one group. Write down the planet in the next line similarly as you wrote earlier with ascending order of degrees. From this 2nd sign again count 5th sign and write down the planets. Now go the 9th sign from the 2nd sign and write down the planets.

Now re-group all of them degree wise. This group of planets in Naadi indicates the plan of action or progress ahead or pushing of matters relating to the selected Planet. Write down the planets in the next line as you did in rule From this 12th sign count 5th and 9th signs and write down the planets degree wise and re organize them sequentially. Write down the planets in the ascending order of degrees. From this 7th sign count 5th sign and add the planets sequentially. Next go to 9th sign from this 7th sign and write down the planets in sequence. This entire exercise can be easily down without any confusion by the following method.

Signs are allotted with four directions. We have planets in certain signs and these signs have some direction allotted. The same are to be grouped according to Direction which is very easy. We have simply make four blocks and allot a direction to each block as shown below:. From these groups you have to choose the matter relating to a particular planet to predict the results. For example if want to know the character of a male native.

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  • The native is represented by JUP. Jupiter is in Western Direction. In the same direction it has crossed Rahu a planet of Danger and sickness. Rahu is behind Jup indicating past. That means The Jeeva karaka that is Jupiter in other words the Native had faced endangering situation in the past. He has some sin factors attached to him in the past. Next Jupiter has Saturn; Jupiter will face the Karma planet and hence will have to get into Job that will clear his past sins.

    The native will get the spiritual knowledge from others like father and friends and through them he will also get some recognition. With this modification he goes ahead towards his end group. It is north which has Venus and then Moon. The native will earn money and also spends it. He may lose the property also. He may have to travel after losing money.

    However we must take 12th sign where Mars is posited Mars indicate at the backdrop there is some hardships and tensions. This is related to father and brother because Mars is Retrograde and going towards Eastern Direction where Sun and Mercury are posited with Ketu. We need to take retrograde planets into previous sign. Saturn is also retrograde and going to southern side and reaching Mars.

    The Native will often face professional problems. This is the simple method of prediction; where in the significations of the planets are linked to make prediction. Select a Planet in the Group and analyse. We will select Sat for analysing the Profession Karma of this Person. Saturn is alone in the West.

    He is in the Sign Gemini. Gemini is Air sign. It is also Trade sign. Step 5 Now see the 2nd group from West. It is North Sign. Rah alone in North Sign. He is Retro motion. He will travel towards Sat and Sat is approaching him. That is Sat will carry effects of Rah. Rah is also a foreign indicator and Air indicator. Step 6 Now see the opposite Group i. Eastern direction. Sun a Government - Authority - indicator. He is in Leo - A sign indicating Service. This Sign also indicate Govt.

    Jup is Jeeva karaka - Self-involved in Karma. Jup is with many planets - Many Jeevas are also involved in this karma. Moo Indicates - Changes - Travel. Ven Indicates Luxurious. Mer indicates - Intelligence. Step 7 The opposite group is having a planet in its 2nd Group i. This would have effect indirectly on Sat karma karaka.

    Therefore take the South group planets. Mar is in Virgo a South sign. It is a Business class sign. Mar is power - Shakti - Yantra Machinery. Mar is also an enemy of Saturn creating problems. Ket is in Capricorn a South sign. Therefore his karma is of Authority Air Travel carrying many people are luxurious and elite people through powerful machinery which is risky where he may end karma of everybody.

    This native is a Pilot. Therefore, this person will take up a pilot job and later on changes his profession. How the Naadi system works Planets have many significations. By combination of planets, the lesser degree planet will be approaching the higher degree planet. That is the approached planet will give its Karakatwa effects to the approaching planet. This will either be good or bad based on two qualities of approached planet. Similarly a planet in the next sign will give its Karakatwa to the planet behind it. However there is a mutual link between them. For the planet in behind sign the planet in front sign acts as planning and future actions.

    For the planet in front sign the planet in behind sign indicates the past or history of the matter.

    Vedic Horoscope Matching

    In a nut shell, the planets are combined to a selected planet from 1, 5, 9, and from 2, 12 7th and their trines thereof. The houses and Ascendants are not considered at this stage in the Naadi system. However at a later stage of advanced study of Naadi these are very much considered. Since there are many significations for each planet, with the simple rules the logic needs to be applied for combining the right combinations to arrive at precise prediction. What we want to predict will be more important and then associate the concerned planet with its appropriate signification. Predictive matters have been tabled and given above against the planets.

    Simply select the matter and mark the planet against it and look for directional combination using the direction chart. You can sequentially predict every aspect of life selecting, Jeeva karakas, like native, father, mother, sister, daughter, Son Etc from the above list and select the material matter using Mercury, Venus, etc.

    In-depth predictions can be made by enhancing your vision and logic in application of Karakatwas of planets. It is evident that the predictions are based on only planetary positions and the birth time factor has negligible influence. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a horary chart made at the time of consultation, and compare the birth chart with that of horary chart. You will come across many hidden secrets of delicate nature. You must be careful in not disclosing the matters bluntly and hurt the feelings of the native.

    It is better to avoid matter which would hurt the feelings of the native. Certain clues with regard to health matters, loss, and other involvement of non-personal nature can be warned. This amounts to an average stay of 1 year in each sign. Wider the Gap between them and having More number of planets Except Ket between them ensures good Longevity.

    Transit and Natal simultaneous conjunction of Rah, Jup and Ket and Sat will be a matter of concern with regard to health and longevity. During this period look for position of Sun, Moo Father and Mother their economic growth and environment. This will have a say in up-bringing of the child. Next we look for Mar and Ket in relation to Mer for his scope of learning. Sat may not cause disturbances in education but may cause delay or give diseases if ill-disposed either by Natal or Transit position. During this period Mer being a planet indicating friends, look for its disposition and see whether Ket is associated in some manner either with transit or Natal Mer which will indicate love affairs etc.

    Such powerful combination of Jup and Ven may give early marriage. This period will have a say for Sat to decide his career. Look for Jup and Sat relation in Natal chart and if this position is well disposed without any inimical influence, the native may settle down in career, if transit Sat or Jup associates with Natal position. Father and Mother at this stage. If family economic condition and environment is good, this may make the native settle down in life and marriage prospects can also be decided upon. Certain business community and well placed families prefer early marriage of their children.

    Categorize them with the topographical culture and rituals. In general middle and upper middle class educated and employment oriented families may not hurry up for early marriage, as they would normally be looking for completion of higher education and settlement in life of their children. This category mostly will be planning the marriage etc.

    This period will have higher Learning - Settlements in life - Financial stability. Collectively and severally look for combinations of Mer-Ven-Sat in relation to Jup for higher education, wealth, land, and profession. Adverse combination in Natal Chart may produce bad results. Transit Jup may try to give some of the good results, the adverse planets combined in Natal chart may cause obstructions.

    Native may gain or lose in the matters of property, land, professional, status and honour. Here the assessment should be more on wealth, property and children welfare matters. You should also look for health matters of family and native, as this is the stage where the pleasure and pains will tell upon the life of native. Travels, change of place and philosophical life to be noted here. Planets indicating relatives, wife, children etc. Plus Sat would lead to Sanyasa. Look for Sanyasa and Moksha Yogas in the Chart.

    If exists will tune his life accordingly. Friendly combinations of Planets in Natal chart would ensure good results by transit of Jup. Transiting inimical planets may cause hindrance temporary short term hindrances. Rah and Ket may cause hindrance in their transit during the period they approach a planet and relived when they move apart from the planet considered in question. The word transit used in the above paragraphs is a Naadi system for timing of events.

    This is separately dealt. The same rules are now simplified for analysis purposes. The combination of planets are turned into directional chart a given below. If it is in the direction of 2nd i. In the 12th sign it shows the inheritance or genetically prone. Explanation: For any direction clockwise it will be 2, 7 and 12 directions. How to Predict Education? In most of the cases the Education will be relating to Profession. Therefore, we must see the professional combination first and the present educational level, before finally advising the suitable line of education.

    Sometimes, the person may be interested to pursue different line of education irrespective of his profession. In such cases, the above combinations must be given importance and the right educational combination must be arrived. Normally MER-Aspecting Jupiter will indicate the good educational prospects - We must look for other combination of planes with Mercury and logically combine to arrive at the right line of Education.

    During these days the education has many branches and it will be difficult to pin point exact subject. Therefore it is always better to maintain the broad category as shown below to indicate the Education-Comparing with his professional combination. Please refer to Orbital providence for more details. Note: Please see the significations Karakatwa of planets the heading Learning and Earning which gives some details about the educational matters.

    These significations along with the sign significations are to be considered for educational matters. We give below some examples of Education. Examples of Education Engineer 1. Mer with Sat and Venus linking to Moo in opposite direction 2. Mer with Sun Rah and Sat - Space related application of engineering. Sun 1 Rah 5 Mer Jup 8 As 24 Male June at am - Mar 13 Ve 16 47n36, w