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If they can love you in your lingerie, can they love you as you scrub the dishes, scoop cat poop, and bitch while being put on hold? Mercury enters logical Air sign Aquarius on Mercury, so you'll be thinking about things in a super clear and detached way. Venus also enters Aquarius on February 16, inspiring you to approach your relationships with a cool head. Both of these planets are activating the part of your chart that rules friendships, so expect to do lots of socializing, double or group dates, and networking.

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Although lots of stuff will be going on for you socially, it would be really smart for you to carve out alone time and focus on getting plenty of rest on February 19, when the Sun enters sensitive and dreamy Water sign Pisces. Pisces is the sign of imagination, and yours will be zapped if you don't get enough rest. Finding balance between sleep, friends, and work will be major during the second half of the month—especially during the Full Moon in Virgo on February This Full Moon will activate the part of your chart that rules your daily habits, routines, and day job.

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This is not the time to disregard your health or sacrifice sleep for partying. Dakota Hendrix , a Brooklyn-based witch and fellow Aries, says: "We crash and burn, and that's how we rest! Your birthday season is coming up next month, so rest up now and get all your chores done!

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  8. One of the other things coming up for you this year, Aries, is that your ruling planet Mars will retrograde from April 17 through June This will find you totally reimagining what your goals are especially around travel or schooling , rethinking your philosophies, and especially working out issues with debt and intimacy. It's going to be a heavy time, and it could be a major drag— but you can work with the energy by committing to working on these issues instead of trying to rush through them.

    You want to rush through everything, Aries, but Mars retrograde is the warrior planet's time to turn inward, rest, and rework its goals. Starting on February 17, pay attention to what's going on in your world around the themes Mars will be working with school, learning, debts, and intimacy , because some major foreshadowing will be doing down.

    April 7th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Aries - Part 1

    Do the best you can, Aries—that's all you can do! Be honest, kind, and proactive, and your Mars retrograde will be a productive time of rest and reflection rather than a stressful period where you feel trapped and out of control. While your friends, family and coworkers appreciate your straightforward nature, you may be most admired for your imagination.

    Your active mind allows you to excel at creative expression, but it also makes you an engaging communicator. You would be surprised to know how many friends your mind has earned!

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    Air is the elemental pair of your sign and of all 12 zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with the element. Your special connection with air makes you stubborn and determined, very similar to a forceful wind. As is the case with all air zodiac signs, your connection with air creates a notable curiosity within you. When your interests are peaked, air pushes you towards the acquisition of knowledge and understanding.

    Learn what the year has in store for you now! You're born to be a rebel this year. Every bright new idea you have will challenge somebody's peace of mind. Go easy on the world, but don't deny your hot, innovative nature.


    If handled carefully, it can bring you great things. Your most rebellious episode could be in the love department in January, so play it safe and don't commit or overcommit to anything.

    Cleverness, creativity, and playfulness will run high in March.